Barefoot Maiden

Our Secret Mission: The Art of Living

Jack of all trades, Master of One. The Art of Living

We are a full household service provider but our secret mission is to develop relationships with people. We want to be flexible to discover and provide what will make your life easier. We want to lift spirits and boost your sense of well being, knowing you don't have to worry about household matters.

Are there any among us who could not use help with house hold matters such as cleaning, cooking, and errand running? You could  call these "chores",  but the people I surround myself with call it living and loving.


Lift your spirits

The main principal we honor is to make sure you are satisfied with our service. No one walks away unhappy, we make sure!

Home or Office

Very Clean!

We have cleaned homes, offices, trailers, car lot show rooms, you name it we can clean it.


Can't Cook without Shopping!

Meals deserve good ingredients, fast shopping and delivering of groceries. We can't let you down, you depend on us!

Give us your list!


Health: The Ultimate Value

Meals prepared

We can make sure you eat properly. Gluten free meas, vegetarian meals, or good old fashioned pot roast with mashed potatoes. All tastes are different. Sometime food restrictions can leave people with a limited appetite. Don't let this happen, food can lift your spirits.

Let's Collaberate!

Let us discover what will make your life easy, could be cleaning, shopping, or meals. Could even be house sitting or dog walking. We are flexible!