The Holistic Copy Writer –

“You can’t do that!” Or, how about, “Go for it, you can do it!” Why do both of those statements make me uneasy? The first one is probably a lie, since you can do anything. But the second one that seems the sinister one. It depends on who says it, but I find that people who say “Go for it, you can do it!”, clandestinely believe the first statement.

What they are really saying is, “I don’t know what you are doing, but I have too much to do in too little time, so what ever you do please leave me out of it!”

I have a holistic manner. I pull things together at the last moment. No matter what I am doing, cleaning, painting, or design, I tend to spectrum all circular intentions around me and pull it together at the finish line. When you witness a person doing this and you are only passing by, you will most likely think they are disorganized at the best and chaotic at the least. But the finished product is what is important. What am I saying? The finished product? We all know nothing is ever finished, but are we having some fun doing it at least! That is all I ask!

As far as content on websites, I have noticed the one dimensional quality, the similar posts, the spirit that is missing when someone is interested in a subject as opposed to being paid to write about a subject. I really love writing about what ever is traveling through my head. Who will pay me for this? I just have to pay myself, because I will never stop writing as long as I live. Journals are the be all – end all best therapy that can exist in my not so humble opinion. The forms and materials for journalism  are inexhaustible. Brown paper bags, shopping lists, napkins, stray paper.  The first thing on my “To Do” list I write usually something like, “Save the world”, or “Do the impossible.” or “Contact Rumpelstiltskin for more straw.”


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